From stillness to movement. Two days to explore the possibilities of music and design

As an opportunity to spread the word about the creative initiatives of Tokyo College of Music High School, we will hold an online open school on Saturday, May 21 and Sunday, May 22, 2022.The events available are as follows


Principal Conversation
Teruhiko Komori, the school's principal, will be in conversation with distinguished guests as well as students and graduates of the school to explore the possibilities of music and design. Please come and feel the infinite possibilities of musicians and expressionists that are demonstrated in this era of change!

Introduction of Majors
Our students will introduce their studies in voice, strings, wind and percussion, composition, and general music courses. Come and experience our dynamic school life!

You can view videos of our school's past concerts. Please enjoy the spectacular achievements of our students!
Details will be announced at a later date.